Your African Veterinary experience that will change you and your skill set forever. We offer Conservation Medicine, Chemical Immobilization and Internship Courses for the adventurous Vet and Vet Student!

Introductory Course


Introduction to Conservation Medicine Course


The “Introduction to Wildlife Medicine” Course is presented to veterinary students. It touches on all aspects of conservation medicine, and comprises of about 20 hours of lectures, 20 hours of conservation orientated excursions and 40 hours of practical hands on experience, on our research farm, Ngongoni, and with many of our clients. Since 1997, we have had over 2000 students from 22 different countries attending our courses. Hands on experience will always remain important to students, and we go out of our way to ensure that our students get enough, under the supervision of our resident practice veterinarian. Call-outs obviously receive priority. Irrespective of the procedure, and guided only by safety aspects, students will participate in procedures like animal restraint, catheter placement, monitoring, administration of drugs, small surgery etc.

The tasks will be rotated between students to allow for maximum exposure, and with group sizes limited to fourteen, most students get ample opportunity. To maximize the benefit of clinical procedures, they are always accompanied by a preparation lecture and a good discussion afterwards. Students are invited to participate. Time is also dedicated to specific topics of relevance, diseases, management and controversial aspects such as culling and contraception, and this often leads to interesting debates. Global issues are addressed and students are stimulated to think, express and defend their opinions.


To expand the experience we visit several projects such as disease free buffalo breeding projects, crocodile breeding farms, the Maholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, Jessica the Hippo, Elephant Whispers, as well as the Kruger National Park. We also have guest lecturers like Professor Leon Prozesky from Onderstepoort who deals with pathology and post mortems, and a local reptile expert, to discuss local species.


Chemical Immobilization Course


The course is presented by Source Tree (Pty) Ltd, in collaboration with Wildlife Pharmaceuticals (Pty) Ltd and, to both local and international veterinarians. This is an in-depth course on the various aspects of the different chemical preparations used in the wildlife industry. Participants are offered lectures and practical demonstrations on the immobilization of high-risk anesthetic species, such as the rhino and giraffe. Please note that we include practical experience as clinical call-outs or management operations occur. No animals are darted purely for demonstration purposes and thus we cannot guarantee the species that might be available during a specific course. Lecturers are all experienced in the fields they present, and practical hands on experience will be gained both in confined and free ranging animals.

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